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2020-2024: Member of “Programmen H2020 INTELWATT- 742.525 Euros

2020-2024: Member of “Programme MERANET-ANR”, SMARTMATTER- 215.525 Euros

2019-2023: Member of Research Training Network RTN Marie Curie – H2020, PROTON300000 Euros

2019-2020 Member of Programme interdisciplinaire CNRS BIOMIMETISME25000 Euros

2018-2022: Member of “Programme ANR”, WATERCHANNELS- 196.525 Euros

2015-2019: Member of “Programme ANR”, DYNAFUN- 260.000 Euros

2013-2016: Member of “Programme Blanc International ANR”, DYNAMULTIREC- 260.000 Euros

2011-2015: Coordinator of Research Training Network RTN Marie Curie – FP7, DYNANO -Dynamic Interactive Systems – 4. 000.000 Euros/whole network

2011-2014: Member of “Programme Blanc ANR”, MULTISELF-Multifunctional memory elements using supramolecular self-constructing interconnects- 100.000 Euros

2011-2015: Member of 7th Capacities REGPOT program: Strengthening the Romanian research capacity in Multifunctional Polymeric Materials –STREAM –FP7-REGPOT-2010-1-264115

2007-2013: Member of “Cristofor I. Simionescu” Postdoctoral Felloship Programme, POSDRU/89/1.5/S/55216, European Social Funds Programme-500000 euros.

2010-2013: Member of “Programme Blanc ANR”, DYNAMERS-Dynamic Polymers- 250.000 Euros

2011-2015: Coordinator IEM of 7th Framework Programme Research Potential: Strengthening the Romanian research capacity in Multifunctional Polymeric Materials

2007-2010: Coordinator of “Programme Blanc ANR”, POLYFUNMAG-Self-organizing supramolecular and bioorganic dynamic systems within hybrid organic-inorganic matrix of magnetic properties- 250.000 Euros

2005-2010: Deputy Director of Research Training Network RTN Marie Curie - FP6, Dynamic -Dynamic Interactive Chemical Biology - 250.000 Euros

2005-2009: Coordinator of European Young Investigator Award: SUPRACOMBIMAT-Dynamic adaptative materials for separation and sensing Microsystems- 1.000.000 Euros

2005-2009 Coordinator CNRS (IEM:LGC) WP 9 “Membrane Materials” Network of Excellence (NoE) NANOMEMPRO

2004-2006- International Advisory Board RAINS projects (Romanian Action for Integrating Networking and Stregthening the ERA) FP6 2005-2008, 200 000 euros

2008-2009 Coordinator of PAI Egide STAR Hanyang University Seoul, Corea, 50000 Euros.

2004-2005 Coordinator of PAI Egide – Brancusi, (UPB Bucarest, Romania), 25000 euros

2005- Scientific Director of Industrial program BOSCH-LOMB Chauvin Montpellier - 28000 Euros/year

2002-2005 : Coordinator of «Â ACI Jeunes Chercheurs » MNRT-France ACI 4034, 200 000 euros

1999-2001: Group Leader, ERBIC15-CY98-0147, INCO-COPERNICUS Project: 200 000 euros

1997-1999: Coordinator of Macrocyclic Research program- 4 thematic programs, 200 000 euros (MNERT, Romania).


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